[Fix] Xbox One Error Code 0x807a1007: Full Guide

Xbox One error code 0x807a1007: It’s a common error that Xbox users usually face while communicating with other players in the joined party. Also, this error has the highest chance to occur when you are in a team and chatting with your teammates.

Basically, this error stops you from communicating with other players and feel you like you are left out. If you’re also facing any similar issue while playing games on your Xbox One console stay tuned because in this article I’ll show you six actionable methods to help you solve this error.

Why Xbox One 0x807a1007 Error Occurs?

A majority of the time you witness this error when there’s a connection failure between you and the other party members. The main reason for this disconnection is Network Address Translation (NAT) types. But, don’t worry you’ll be able to solve it if you read all the methods till the end.

So, are you ready to get rid of this annoying error? Well, let’s get started!

1) Restart Console

Numerous users who were previously facing the 0x807a1007 error reported that restarting console solved the issue for them.

Here’s how you can do the same:

Step 1: First step is to hold your power button for a couple of seconds and let it shut down.

Step 2: Once the console turns off wait for a few seconds. You can also unplug the power cable if you want.

Step 3: Finally, turn on the console by pressing the power button for a couple of seconds and see if the error got resolved or not.

2) Restore to Default Factory Settings

If however by trying the first method your Xbox One error code is still not resolved it’s time to do a full factory reset.

The following method will completely wipe off your console and all the data included in it. We highly advise you to backup all your important files and data and upload it on your drive. Nonetheless, all the data stored in your Xbox Live account won’t be affected at all. You can download everything from there.

Here’s a step-by-step method on how to reset your console:

Step 1: First off, head over to Guide on your Home screen.

Step 2: In there, select Settings -> All Settings.

Step 3: Select System -> Console info & updates.

Step 4: Once you’re in there select the Reset console option.

Step 5: Here you’ll see two options:

  • Reset and remove everything
  • Reset and keep my games & apps

We recommend you to choose the second option because this will delete everything except for all the games. If for any reason it doesn’t work then you need to reset and remove everything which will erase everything from the console and before doing that take backup of all your files.

Step 6: Allow the reset process to complete and once its done check and see if the error is resolved or not.

If not yet, follow the method listed below.

3) Implement Energy Saving Mode

Many users were able to solve the Xbox one error code 0x807a1007 simply by turning on the energy saving mode.

Here’s how you can turn the energy saving mode:

Step 1: First off, go to Settings.

Step 2: Next up, select Power & Startup.

Step 3: Finally, select Power Mode and in there enable Energy-saving mode.

Well, once you are already into the power saving mode check if the error is resolved or still prevails.

4) Change the Region

A certain group of people was able to fix the issue simply by changing their region. However, there are a couple of things which you need to keep in mind before you decide to change your region.

  • You need to spend all the pending balance in your Microsoft account before you change your region.
  • Also, certain features are missing in some regions so do your research before selecting the new region.
  • Lastly, you can only change your region once every three months, and that can just be done if you have a live Microsoft account. If you’re suspended, you cannot do the following activity.

Following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to change the region:

Step 1: The first thing to keep a note on is to check that you are signed into your console.

Step 2: In your Home screen scroll left and go to the Guide.

Step 3: Now go to Settings -> All Settings.

Step 4: Next go to System and choose Language & location.

Step 5: Finally select your preferred location and choose Restart now.

Once the console restarts, check if the error still prevails or not.

5) Change the NAT settings

If all the above methods don’t work for you, it’s time to try changing the NAT settings.

Step 1: In your Home screen scroll left and go to the Guide.

Step 2: Now go to Settings -> All Settings.

Step 3: Choose Network

Once you’re in there, you’ll be able to see your NAT type. Overall, there are three types of NAT. If your current NAT type is not set to Open chances are you might be getting this error. If not, set it to Open and see if that resolves the 0x807a1007 Xbox error code.

6) Try to Join The Party Chat Again

The last method we have for you is the simplest and easy to do. If you’re not able to chat in your party that might be because of the same network error. The best way to solve the issue to try and join the party chat again.

Try it for once and see if that resolves the error for you or not.

Final Words:

0x807a1007 is a very common Xbox One error. We hope that the six methods showed in the article will help you get rid of this error. If you have any further queries regarding this error, do leave a comment down below and let us know in the comments down below, and we’d be happy to help you out.

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