11 Sites Like LiveLeak [Watch FREE Videos ONLINE]

Video is getting all the hype recently. People prefer video content over everything. Liveleak is one of the top free platforms to watch video online. From politics to entertainment you’ll find all types of video content on Liveleak.

However, there are certain videos which are still missing on the liveleak platform. So for that matter, we have come up with a list of alternative sites like liveleak. In this article, we have listed top 11 websites like liveleak which not you’ll like but fall in love with.

Let’s see what all website we have in the list without wasting any further time:

Top 11 Sites Like Liveleak

Here’s our list of the top 10 liveleak alternatives of 2019:

1) YouTube


If you’re on the Internet, you must have heard about this website for sure.

Youtube is one of the most popular websites on the planet. Moreover, it’s the second search engine people use after Google. On YouTube, you can get all type of content from educational to comedy and prank videos. Most importantly, everything for free.

Not only you can see videos for free, but you can also create your free creator’s account on YouTube and start uploading your videos. Crazy, isn’t it?

300 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every single minute. With this, you can understand the potential of the platform. Moreover, YouTube gets 30 million unique visitors visiting the website daily. That’s a HUGE number.

The company is owned and managed by Google LLC.

2) Dailymotion


If not YouTube the only next option one would go with is Dailymotion. Dailymotion is one of the very strong competitors of Liveleak.

The user interface of Dailymotion is intuitive and easy to understand so you won’t find any real issues in understanding the platform. Moreover, the videos are available in all the categories you can imagine.

Sadly, there are certain limitations that you’ll have to face if you choose Dailymotion as your alternative to Liveleak. Features like unlimited uploading are only available to Dailymotion pro users. For free users, they only get access to 4GB of upload limits. This can be daunting for anyone who wants to upload long-form educational video content.

Nonetheless, if you want to use the platform to watch videos online, Dailymotion can be a great alternative for all your online video watching needs.

3) Vimeo


Vimeo is sure a great site and alternative to liveleak video streaming platform. Vimeo is made more for classic video makers to showcase their skills to their audience. Furthermore, Vimeo gives you access to some of the best video creators in the world.

One thing I like about Vimeo is that there are less elements to distract you. With this, you can focus more on the video content instead of heading over to something else without finishing the entire video.

The downside of Vimeo if you’re a content creator is, you don’t have unlimited access to video upload limits like YouTube. Instead, you’re restricted to 500MB of upload data every week. But if you’d like to upload more, you need to buy their paid plan which gives you access to 5GB of data but honestly, that is nothing when compared to YouTube and Liveleak.

4) Metacafe

Metacafe is by far a great Liveleak alternative. The user interface is super easy to use and understand. Also, it’s free to use, and there are no limitations to upload your videos as you have in Dailymotion and Vimeo.

To watch the videos, you first need to create your free account and later start exploring all the categories that interest you. Metacafe has a trending section where you can explore all the videos that are currently viral on the platform.

The site cannot be compared directly with YouTube. However, they still get 40 million monthly visitors making it one of the top sites in the video streaming world.

5) Twitch

twitch TV

For all the games who are looking for an alternative video streaming service Twitch is your way to go. Twitch is currently the most famous platform on the planet when it comes to gaming.

Twitch is free both for content creators and viewers. Twitch is more of a live streaming platform where you can stream your live gaming sessions. On Twitch your audience can also reward you money as you are creating good content for them to watch.

So, if you’re a gamer and looking for a site like liveleak to watch games online, you should definitely move to Twitch today.

6) Vevo


Vevo is majorly popular for music videos. Huge music creators host and publish their videos on Vevo making it a subtly popular platform. It’s like a treasure served to all the music lovers out there.

Vevo can be your music partner when you want to listen to some love, motivational or rhythmic songs. However, you won’t get any diversified content like vlogs, comedy or prank videos like liveleak or YouTube on Vevo.

I’d only suggest you move on to Vevo if at all you are a die-hard fan of music. Also, it’s a great alternative to liveleak website as liveleak doesn’t match with Vevo in terms of video content.

7) Xfinity Video

xfinity Video

Xfinity Video is a strong alternative to Liveleak. The site is very much similar to Vimeo where you can watch videos for free, and they also do have paid plans and services.

The platform has all the content type like sports, finance, TV, lifestyle, entertainment and much more. However, Xfinity Video is a serious platform and not more of an entertainment platform.

If you love following the current trends of hot news, you’ll quickly fall in love with Xfinity Video.

8) Dtube

dtube a alternative to liveleak

I can say Dtube is almost identical to YouTube. When you open up the website, you’ll be gobsmacked and feel that you just YouTube again with a different name. In Dtube you can subscribe to people’s channel to get exclusive content from them.

Almost all the features that you’ll witness in YouTube you’ll see it in Dtube for sure. The only noticeable difference that you can see between both the platforms is Dtube also allows adult and NSFW content while YouTube restricts that type of content.

For watching the videos on Dtube platform, you first need to create a free account and sign up for it. Once done, you can now enjoy unlimited free content forever.

9) My Vidster

myvidester a website like liveleak

My Vidster is a website like Liveleak. On this platform not only you can watch free videos online, but you can also collect or download them easily. Moreover, there are several interactions provided in this site so you can also collect videos from other sources of the Internet and watch it there.

There’s a subscribe feature with which you can subscribe all the channels you love so that whenever they upload a new piece of content, you’ll be notified.

There’s a huge list of video categories that you can find on My Vidster. They have categories like funny, pranks, news, educational and vlogs. Lastly, you can use tags to find the perfect video you’re looking for.

10) Flickr


Flickr is a great resource to watch videos online. Although, Flickr is more popular due to its photo hosting service where you can download both free and premium photos for personal and commercial use.

Flickr also has some really good video content which won’t disappoint you at all. You can also upload your media files including images and videos on Flickr everything for free.

If you are a viewer, who wants to download the images or watch videos you can do it without having a Flickr account. However, if you wish to upload your content on the platform you’ll need to signup for a free account, Flickr also has some really good paid plans which you can explore if you want to use the platform to its full potential.

11) Break

Break is one of the most popular alternatives to Liveleak. Break has an easy to use navigation system which you’ll understand just after using the platform. Furthermore, Break is a platform where you’ll find thousands of video content plus the platform focuses more on fun and prank types of video content.

You don’t need an active account to enjoy the content you can open the website and start watching funny videos. The platform also hosts some great funny images which make it stand out from other video streaming platforms in the list.

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