Top 12 Sites Like Humble Bundle [Super Cheap Alternatives]

Humble Bundle is the most popular digital store for all the gamers out there. But is Humble Bundle the only one out there?

The answer is NO!

There are several other websites similar to Humble Bundle which do exists. Well, today in this article we’ll touch upon those websites. In this article, I’ll list down all the Humble Bundle alternatives which you can also have a look at.

So without wasting any further time lets dive right in and explore all the websites.

12 Sites Like Humble Bundle

Here are our top 10 picks of the websites almost identical to Humble Bundle:

1) Indie Gala

indie gala alternative to humble bundle

Indie Gala is the first website in our list. Indie Gala website is known to sell their game bundles at a cheap rate. Moreover, they support the people by donating the part of their commission to the poor people.

If you’re lucky enough you might get some games even for free if they are running a giveaway on the site. Plus, there is a forum for you to ask gaming related questions.

Indie Gala is known to sell bundles at a super cheap rate. However, if you’re looking to buy single games then Indie Gala wouldn’t be the right choice to make as single games are a bit costly on their platform.

2) Steam

steam a humble bundle like website

Steam is like a god served for every gamer who exists on the planet. With access to steam you can buy games, connect to other gamers all across the globe, chat with them and make them friends.

Steam is a fantastic alternative to Humble Bundle where you’ll get game bundles at super cheap price. Moreover, at time they run a mega sale offers on single games as well. Also, with the cloud saving feature all your games will be uploaded on Steam’s cloud and not on your computer.

The best part about Steam is, it frequently gets updated so you don’t need to worry about any viruses or malware.

3) Gamersgate


In Gamersgate you get access to both Windows & Mac games. They have over 6000+ games starting from small to huge AAA games. Moreover, you get direct access to the games without any third party involvement in between.

There’s a “blue coin” feature which you can earn or acquire by giving reviews of the games you have played or while you buy new games. With these blue coins you can buy future games for free. If for any reason if you need blue coins you can also buy it from real money.

Gamersgate is a almost an identical website like Humble Bundle and provides some stunning features.

If you do shopping online and pay later for it like Fingerhut and want to try out other websites like Fingerhut we have an article written on it.

4) Green Man Gaming

green man gaming

Green Man Gaming has games from all types of genre. The platform sells both PC and VR type games. They also have a dedicated section for add ons where you can buy all the required add ons to make your gaming experience apt.

There’s a VIP section on the site where members get exclusive discount on all the new and pre-release games. Plus, they also get some games for free. Also, you connect with other VIP members who are big gamers as well.

In the community section you can also ask all your queries with regard to gaming and other things revolving around the gaming world. Green Man Gaming is a great Humble Bundle alternative to try.

5) website was founded in the year 2013 by Leaf Corcoran. has a different type of spice in their platform. What I mean by this is you’ll get games from huge companies like EA, Ubisoft or Rockstar games and you’ll also find indie developers games.

The power of this platform is, the developer can decide the prices, run their marketing campaign and drive sales. Currently, hosts more than 10 million games on their platform. was created purposefully keeping indie game developers in mind. Also, it’s one of the best online gaming platform.

6) Origin


Origin is a very well-known platforms for gamers and a strong apps like Humble Bundle is a website developed by Electronics Arts. Origin has all the features that a perfect gaming bundle should have.

If you have an account in Origin you can buy the games directly from your computer or mobile. Moreover, there are features like connecting with other like minded gamers, make them friends and in game chat functionality.

The only downfall that I see with Origin platform is you can only buy games developed by EA sports. If you’re a big fan of EA games Origin could be a god served for you!

7) Windows Store

windows store

Windows Store is a hub for all the Windows and Xbox games out there. The Windows Store or Microsoft Store app comes built in from Windows version 8. You get free games and paid games which you can directly download from the store in your computer or mobile.

The Windows Store directly integrates Xbox video, Xbox Music, Windows Marketplace and other Windows app.

8) One Play


Almost similar to the site of Humble Bundle, One Play is a great resource for gamers. One Play is well-known in the market for selling games at a super cheap price. Surprisingly, you can get all the premium games at a relatively less price.

One Play is currently one of the best digital gaming platforms featuring over 2000+ games for both Android and Windows devices.

The best part about One Play is the whole platform is ad-free and there are no in-game purchases once you buy the original license. A big team of developers is working to keep the platform clean and intuitive for us to use. Keep an eye on the website as they add new games frequently.

9) Bundle In A Box

bundle in a box

The name already says it all. Bundle in a box is has a clean and crisp user interface with a precise navigation menu listing all types of game genre they cover on their site.

The site is relatively new when compared to other humble bundle replacements present in the list. However, they still cover some of the very popular games on their site that too at a very cheap price.

10) Lazy Guys Bundle

lazy guys bundle

Lazy Guys Bundle is famous for running huge bundle deals at a massive discounts. They give bundles of at least 10 games but this numbers can vary depending on the time of the year.

If you don’t want to buy all the games from a single bundle in that case you can selected games from a specific bundle giving away only the price what you want to buy. Furthermore, the website is fast and snappy so as soon as you’ll make the payments you’ll instantly get access to all the games.

11) Story Bundle

story bundle

Story Bundle is the last Humble Bundle books alternative present in our list. They sell books in a bundle of 6-9 majorly. Moreover, if you needed you can also buy individual books of your liking.

Story Bundle donates a part of their earnings in charity helping poor people grow. Majority of the books that you’ll find on Story Bundle are written by indie writer and the platform supports them get more exposure.

12) Fanatical


Fanatical is only famous for giving the games for free. On Fanatical at times you can get discounts of up to 99%. The company has sold more than 30 million digital game copies of steam games starting from the very beginning.

When it comes to gaming bundles at a massive discounts Fanatical is the first name that pops into any gamers mind. Additionally, a part of your purchase made goes to charity as well. 🙂

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