Top 11 Best Sites Like Fingerhut [2019]: Shop Now Pay Later

How cool would it be if you can buy a brand new TV and high bass headphones right now and pay the money later? Well, Fingerhut is a website that runs on buy now pay later business model.

But Fingerhut is not the only site offering such services there are other best websites like Fingerhut which offers the same service in the market. In this article, I’ll tell you what Fingerhut is and how do they run their business, and I’ll also give you Fingerhut alternatives just in case if you want to give it a shot.

What is FingerHut?

Fingerhut is a popular e-commerce website similar to Amazon and Walmart where you don’t need to pay money instantly. With Fingerhut, you can buy any product today and pay the money later. Which means that you can any, and every product that is available on the Fingerhut website and be worry free to pay the money.

How Do Fingerhut works?

The business model is simple. The website is trying to solve the problem for all those who urgently want to buy something essential but don’t have the money to buy it or afford it at the moment. In this, you can use sites like Fingerhut to make all your purchases.

Why Fingerhut?

Well, we already have Amazon and Walmart then why the heck should I buy from FingerHut? The answer is straightforward with Amazon and other e-commerce stores you need to pay them money via credit card or cash on delivery (COD). You cannot buy anything from Amazon and pay the money later which you can do with Fingerhut.

But what if you don’t like shopping on Fingerhut or may be the product that you want to buy isn’t available on the Fingerhut store. What will you do in that case? Browse for new e-commerce sites?

Not anymore because this article is all about the giving you the information about Fingerhut alternatives.

11 Best Alternatives Sites Like Fingerhut That Will Blow Your Mind

Let’s have a look at all the websites:

1) The Shopping Network

the shopping channel

The Shopping Network runs on the same buy now pay later business model like Fingerhut. They have a wide range of products listed on their online website. Moreover, they also have offline stores set up in the city.

The company is based out of Ontario and believes in delivering high-quality products to their customers at a low price. Talking about the products, you can get health and beauty, shoes and handbags, kitchen, home and garden, electronic products.

The Shopping Network is an excellent alternative like Fingerhut where you can buy stuff online.

2) FlexShopper

FlexShopper is a great website if you plan to buy something expensive and don’t have the money currently to afford it. Furthermore, FlexShopper gives you shopping credits of up to $2500 which increases as you start to use the website more.

FlexShopper is super easy to use and navigate around. You’ll understand the workflow of the whole website in within minutes. Moreover, here you get almost all the products like gadgets, electronics, pet supplies, home and kitchen and more.

Lastly, the customer support from FlexShopper is insane. You get the best customer support from them regarding any problem you face while buying the product or navigating the website. The company took off and got famous because of people recommending other of their friends due to its fantastic customer support.

All and all FlexShopper is a fantastic alternative for Fingerhut website where you can buy stuff online.

3) StoneBerry

Stoneberry a fingerhut alternative

Stoneberry is one of the best sites like FingerHut. Fingerhut is mostly famous for offering a vast variety of tech and electronics products. Well, StoneBerry takes it a step further with covering more tech, gadgets and electronic products.

With a little investment of $5.99/mo, you can book anything without filling out tedious forms. The moment you book it the product will go under approval, and the further process will start processing.

Not only is StoneBerry famous for electronics products but it also covers other categories like home and kitchen, jewelry, toys, health, and fitness. Besides that, you also can get more shopping credits twice in a year.

4) Gettington


Gettington website was launched in the year 2009 with a motive to help users help buy stuff online easily. It’s a excellent website overall plus you can avail your credits just after signing up for a new account and filling up the credit approval form.

The website is attractive in design yet easy to use and navigate. Moreover, you can get the products at a very low-interest fee and massive discounts. Gettington covers a great range of products starting from beauty, healthcare, fitness, apparel, electronics, and offers free shipping on most of the products.

And just to let you know new products are added on to the website daily. So you’ll never have an issue of outdated products.

5) QVC


QVC is a similar Fingerhut alternative that provides you the buy now pay later option. Moreover, the website is easy to use, and they have done a very systematic categorization of all the products so that you get what you’re looking for fast.

The website is highly trusted, and there are millions of unique visitors visiting QVC daily. Furthermore, you get branded products and the best part you get massive discounts of many products on the website daily.

QVC is trying to revolutionizing the online shopping experience with the help of their product offerings which no one else is doing in the market right now.

6) SkyMall


SkyMall started in 1989 as an online website for airline passengers. The content was unique at that time. But now they have started selling their products to normal customers as well. It’s a good Fingerhut alternative, and a buy now pay later websites.

The website looks stunning in terms of design, and it’s easy to navigate and use. They offer products in almost all the categories to name a few you get is pets, music, electronics, gadgets, home & garden products on their store.

7) MDG


Like Amazon started as an online book store MDG started as an online computer store. However, both MDG and Amazon are now full-fledged e-commerce stores offering almost everything available on the planet.

MDG is awarded the best consumer-centric award which shows they give utmost importance to their customers. You can buy anything now and pay for it later plus you get a $3000 EMI credit as soon as you sign up for a new account.

You too get the products at a massive discount and an affordable price.

8) Seventh Avenue

seventh avenue

Seventh Avenue is out of this world buy now pay later websites. It’s in our list today because they offer very weird types of products which you’ll hardly find in other websites listed here.

Products like solar panels, carts, bottles, pens and much other weird stuff which you’d not expect to find online. Just go ahead and explore the website for a few minutes and chances are you might fall in love with it and forget Fingerhut completely.

It’s a great alternative to Fingerhut to give a try.

9) Country Door

country door a fingerhut like site

Country Door website is majorly focused on Home & Decor collection. You get some inspiration on how to decorate your house and make it look beautiful by reading their blog article and catalogs.

Country Door is a great choice besides Fingerhut website if you want to give it a try. Besides that, they also give you the credits approval in one or day or less. Everything that is required to make a home complete is available to buy to Country Door.

To attract more customers to their website they have also added an exclusive apparel section — a great marketing strategy I would say.

10) Home Shopping Network (HSN)


HSN is a very famous buy now and pay later websites on the planet. People love it because they give instant approval as soon as you apply for the credits. You get HSN credits which you can use on their store to buy anything.

They have all the products covered in almost all the major categories. Moreover, the website is easy to use and is user-friendly, so you won’t have a difficult time finding the product you’re looking for.

Just for your information, HSN is owned by the same owner who owns QVC. So rest assured you’ll only get top-notch products on this website.

11) Lend You

Lend You

The last Fingerhut like website that we have for you is Lend You. Lend You has a unique concept of lending you when you need some product or accessories urgently. You don’t need to pay anything and use a new account to sign up, and you’re done.

Lend You gives you loan amount to buy anything instantly that you require. Lend You will help you connect from various lenders across the world, and you need to choose the lender according to your liking. Interest rates will vary from lender to lender.

Wrapping Up:

The list comes to an end, and those were our top 11 picks on the best sites that are very similar to FingerHut. Fingerhut is a fantastic website too but we all need options in life to try out new and different things, and you already have it.

Go ahead open them all and try them out see which ones suit you the best and let us know in the comments down below. If you have any queries, you can let us know in the comments.

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