6 Best OPSkins Alternatives To Buy & Sell In Game Items

OPSkins was by far the best buying and selling website for CSGO game skins. This was only until Valve asked OPSkins to stop functioning ExpressTrade and also stop using Steam bots. After this nobody knew where they could sell or buy their stuff as almost everyone was dependent on OPSkins only. However, it is nothing to worry about now as we have got some of the best OPSkins Alternatives.

What happened to OPSkins?

OPSkins was an online market place for Counter-Strike skins that unlike Valve’s own market place let the sellers cash out money they make. Valve decided to block all the OPSkins bots a couple of months ago. They disabled OPSkins Stream accounts after an uninterrupted service of three years and six months.

Although OPSkins tried to introduce WAX Express trade that was in a way a trading system which bypasses steam seven-day trade hold. As Valve did not like this it banned all the accounts that were having the in-game items for OPSkins.

The OPSkins users were given a time of two weeks for withdrawing their items. And the items that were not withdrawn are now banned. This means you can now not trade them in any possible way. This has given rise to look for the alternative to OPSkins. So in no particular order let’s check them out:

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The most near to OPSkins is Stonefire. This website is also similar to BitSkins that we will be seeing next. But for games except for CSGO, you will hardly get any items supplied. The best part about Stonefire is that you get the chance to make an offer for an item and you have amazing options for sorting. Although this website is not as much effective as OPSkins, it surely is an uninterrupted website and provides you with all the essentials you ask for.


You get to see various categories on the home page of Stonefire as- CS:GO, Knives, Pistols, Heavy, SMGs, Rifles, etc. Stonefire provides you with a 10% fee on selling which can also be reduced to 7.5%. This can be done by altering your Steam Name. Another way to get it reduced to 5% is by becoming the premium user of Stonefire.

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If you are looking for a website that has huge supply of CSGO Skins for you then SkinBaron should be your choice. Although you get all the CSGO Skins on this website, it does lack in DOTA2 and other games.


Another issue with this website is that of getting your money on the site. You can use PayPal if you deposit 24.45 € for one day unless you give your ID and a utility bill for verification. You do get a choice to deposit through a bank transfer or Bitcoin but clearly, this does not work for everyone out there.

The selling fee on SkinBaron is 10%. There does not seem to be any reduction system like that of Stonefire. But when you are searching for CSGO skins, you will be shown useful information regarding prices, related skins, etc. This is not the exact case with DOTA2 though. You will not even be shown any recommended price for DOTA2. This way you can save time, energy and money if you are into CSGO game skins but this website shows a somewhat cold shoulder for other game skins.

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This recently arrived website is one great alternative to Opskins you could make use of. The stock of items here is not just limited to a few games but you get to see a huge variety here. As the name suggests, you can deposit here through Bitcoin but there are many other ways as well. G2A Pay, PayPal, Skrill, and credit cards are one you could choose from to pay. The website offers you comparatively much lower selling fee of 5%.


You are given options to set buy orders and mass selling which is great if you are an advanced trader. The website has a simple UI. There is search bar through which you can easily jump to what you want and there are a number of categories as knives, pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, machine guns, itemsets, wears, and a lot more. As the website says: The Honest CSGO marketplace, it also works the same way.

In my opinion, this is the best website you could look for as OPSkins alternative. The site has items listed for 30% to 40% lower from their usual price. The UI is quite similar to OPSkins and you get a filter system as well. The more you sell on the site, the more the selling fee is reduced. Some of the games that you can sell or buy on BitSkins are TF2, Unturned, Rust, PUBG, DOTA2, PayDay 2, H1Z1, etc.

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Another website on our OPSkins alternatives is the Dmarket. On this website, you are also shown the last trades and popular items. This website uses the Blockchain technology. It has originated only a few time ago partnering with Skins.cash. The best part about Dmarket is that you have to pay no selling fee! It is free to use. You can make use of PayPal or other similar ways that G2A Pay allows.


The website holds a decent collection of items but is being expected to grow as it is getting older. CSGO, DOTA2, and Dmarket digital items are what it supports. The user interface is quite friendly and you can look for what you want with ease.

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CS:GO Shop

As the name suggests, you can tell this website is much tilted towards CS:GO skins. The best part about CS:GO Shop is that the 5% commission comes off when you withdraw your funds from their site, i.e., they do not charge sellers 5% commission by giving 95% of an item’s price. You will get great deals on items here.


Although this website is great if you are looking for CS:GO Skins, it is not as much effective as BitSkins. Though there are other games and certain items lacking but if you are looking for CS:GO Skins, you can give this site a shot. For the sellers, this website offers a fixed payout day. On a defined day, the amount will be credited in your bank account.

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The last option you could use as a CSGO OPSkins alternative is iGVault. You can buy and sell a number of in-game skins on this website for games like PUBG, CS:GO, Fortnite, etc. The peculiar thing about iGVault is that they do sell in-game items plus games. You will get to see a great number of popular titles on their website and all at a discount price.

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These were the best OPSkins alternative that we could mention for you. Hope you found this article helpful.k

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