Netflix UI-800-2 Error Code: How To Fix It The Right Way?

Fix Netflix UI-800-2 Error Code: With time, Netflix has gained a popularity that can hardly be gone. Being a single platform for most entertaining TV Series and Movies, you get a wide variety to choose from. Those who use Netflix do not have to be made aware of how addictive and “top-on-the-priority” list it is. But what if you are interrupted while experiencing your ideal job? Not to worry as in this article today this is all that we are going to solve out for you. Keep reading further to know more.

What is Netflix UI-800-2 Error Code?

It is nothing but a warning that displays on your screen when you have issues regarding the hardware or device or connectivity with Netflix. This basically happens when the information stored on your device needs to be refreshed. So this is nothing but an indication for most of the times, as mentioned by Netflix as well. Hence there is nothing to worry about this minor problem. Below are a few methods through which you can fix Netflix UI-800-2 Error Code.

How to Fix Netflix UI-800-2 Error Code?

Given below are a few methods to try if you come across this Netflix UI-800-2 Error Code. However, if nothing still works out, you will have to call the manufacturer of your device who can help you more on the matter.

how to solve netflix-ui-800-2 error

Method 1: Restarting Mobile Data or Wi-Fi

Step 1:- Toggle the Mobile Data on your device (if that is what you are using as the main source for watching Netflix) or Unplug Wi-Fi Router.

Step 2:- When you do so wait for some 30 seconds at least. Then turn the Mobile Data on or Wi-Fi on and wait for another 40-50 seconds.

Open Netflix and see if the error still persists. If so then jump to the next method.

Method 2: Restarting Device (Smart TV, Setup Box, Laptop, PC, Mobile)

Step 1:-  If the above method didn’t work out for you, restarting the device you are watching Netflix on should. All you have to do is Unplug Smart TV or Setup Box or Shut down Laptop or PC or restart mobile.

Step 2:- Be patient for a couple of minutes or so.

Step 3:- Then turn on whatever device you are using and try to open Netflix. If still the problem presides, shift to the next method given below.

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Method 3: Sign Out Netflix Account and Sign Back In

You might be thinking what difference could Sign Out and then again Signing In would make for this Netflix UI-800-2 Error Code. But just like restarting the device works, this is a step ahead of that measure. Giving it a shot may help you out.

Step 1:- Go to the Settings or GearBox.

Step 2:-  Next up select Reset or Deactivate or Sign out as per your device.

Step 3:- If there is no Settings bar in your device, then pull the deactivation screen down and press- UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT UP UP UP UP. You can do so by using the arrow key. At last, you will see the option to Sign out. Click on the same.

Step 4:- When you sign out, wait for a few seconds and then Sign In again.

Method 4: Reset the Smart Hub

Resetting Smart Hub will automatically delete (uninstall) all the apps on your device. Do make a note of this before getting into the procedure.

Step 1:-  Go to the Menu. Then select the option of Smart Hub. Click on Smart Hub Reset. 

Step 2:- Over there, enter the PIN- 0000.

Step 3:- Then go back to Smart Hub.

Step 4:- In case the device you are using has no dialer pad, then go to Home> Settings> Support. In Support, select Self Diagnosis. There, Click on the option of Reset Smart Hub.

This should do the job.

Final Words:

I assume you all have got through this Netflix UI-800-2 Error Code. If none of the above methods work for you, Contacting the Manufacturer of your device will be the best call to make. They will be able to help you more and effectively for a longer period. They can replace or fix the damaged hardware or corrupt information stored on your device which otherwise is not possible for you to do.

If you are still stuck somewhere, let us know your queries below. We will be glad to help you all. Bookmark our page for more such tech-oriented stuff.

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