Lords Mobile Mod APK Download (v1.95) + Unlimited Everything

Are you looking for a way to play the Lords Mobile Mod Apk on your device? Are you in search of unlimited Crystals, Gems, and OBB data?

Then I might add, you have arrived at the right spot. In today’s article, we are sharing with you the specifications of Lords mobile apk and the download link of Lords Mobile app and all that you need to know about Lords Mobile Mod apk.

What is Lords Mobile Mod Apk?

Lords Mobile APK is a real-time strategy MMORTS game where all the Kingdoms fight for dominance. This game comes in 3D format and is free to play and quite similar to other games by the developer like Castle Clash, Brave Trials, etc.

Basically, the games needs are somewhat like this- You will have to choose your preferred heroes having novel skills to lead your army for the battle. Just like COC, you will have to build your own buildings and structures and also upgrade them in time. Other jobs in the game include training new units and researching buffs for leading your army.

Download Lords Mobile Mod APK

From the download Lords apk link given below, you can download the app to enjoy

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Lords Mobile Mod Apk Download 2018

Download OBB Data

How to install Lords Mobile Mod Apk?

Given below are two methods of installing the apk depending on whether you have the Game OBB Data or not. Perform the steps as per your convenience.

If you have Game OBB Data

Step 1:- Go to the File Manager on your device and follow the path- File-manager/Android/obb/ and then search the folder- com.igg.android.lordsmobile and then rename it as com.igg.android.lordsmobile-MOD. This step is crucial if you skip it, the OBB Data of your phone will then be deleted.

Step 2:- Now that you have changed the name of the folder, you can uninstall Lords Mobile APK and then download Lords Mobile MOD apk from the link given above.

Step 3:– Once the game is installed, follow the path- File Manager//Android/OBB/ and rename the folder ‘com.igg.android.lordsmobile-Mod’ as ‘com.igg.android.lordsmobile.’

That is it! You are don here. Now open the game and have fun with it!

Note:- Do check to have the OBB Data and APK of the same version or the game won’t work.

If you do not have Game OBB File and Mod apk:-

Step 1:- If the game has not been installed on your device then download the game and OBB Data file through the download links given on this page.

Step 2:- Once both the files have been downloaded on your device, all you have to do is extract OBB data zip file to the Phone’s Internal memory/Android/OBB/ folder.

Step 3:- Then install Lords Mobile Mod apk latest version and you are all good to go.

How to Play Lords Mobile Mod Apk 2019?

  • Hunt the monster and get huge amounts of resources and speedups.
  • Train your army. The rank 1 group which is cheap and easy to train is amazing for gatherings and for all parts of the game too.
  • You can change your Kingdom if you want before you pass Castle level 5 with the help of tutorial reward.
  • If you hit a Frost wing, you will get your guild members a loot box.
  • If you are new to the game the act of joining a Guild will help you the most. You can ask for tips from the one having a daily active member.
  • Every time you buy a package or a gem, your guild member will receive a chest of random resources.


Given below are a few highlighted specifications of the game Lords Mobile Mod APK 2018. If you are willing to know more about this game or if you are confused about whether or not download it, then the features here might be helpful in the process-

  • Unlimited Gems, OBB Data, and Crystals:- Enjoy Lords Mobile mod apk unlimited gems and money. You can get your hands on unlimited resources like OBB Data, Gems, Crystals, etc.
  • Recruit Battle Heroes:– Level them up un battles and choice to select preferred heroes with peculiar skills in the battle.
  • Find Friends:- You can join your allies in your Kingdom and then fight the war.
  • Unit Training:- Different units in the game suit the playing style. You can upgrade your barracks and train the units in your barracks. To have a more powerful army, it is suggested you do the research.
  • Global Player Vs Player Feature:- You can fight for the dominance of the powerful bases at the center of every Kingdom.
  • Claim your Throne:- You can actually rule as the emperor in the battle royale for Kingdom.
  • Create or join a clan:– For a better army, you can either join a clan similar to your thinking process or you can also create one.
  • Switch Kingdoms:- You can jump into any server that you are willing to join and with one click and installation, you can create an empire on at a new place.
  • Animated 3D Battles:- Fight wars that actually seem to be real through the amazing graphics.
  • Everything for free:- You do not need to pay for in-game features.
  • Open World game:– You can connect, chat with million players all over the globe.
  • Equipment Crafting:– You can collect resources so as to craft effective types of equipment for the heroes you select. These bring the heroes of your choice in and out of the army wars.

Provided MOD APK Features:-

  • Gold Production +25%
  • Stone Production +25%
  • Food Production +25%
  • Timber Production +25%
  • Ore Production +25%
  • Auto Battle PVE
  • Travel Speed +10%
  • Army DEF +10%
  • Army ATK +10%
  • Player Exp boost +50%
  • Army Max HP +10%
  • Unlock 15 VIP Features

What’s New in the Lords mobile Mod Apk Latest Version?

  • A lot of improvements in the User Interface.
  • Collect Snowballs and enjoy the decorations of the festive season for up to 30 days.
  • Update in the Game guide.
  • Luck Tokens used to win Blazing embers, Ancient Cores, Archaic Tomes have been added to the Gem mall.
  • Kingdom Tycoon- new building added.
  • Rewards announced after clearance of every stage in the game.
  • Dynamic Backgrounds have been added.
  • The Diplomacy boards, chat boards and the Event User Interfaces have been adjusted so as to fit well on a widescreen.
  • Every day one stage is unlocked.
  • You can celebrate Lunar new year with different events and share fortune packets with guildmates.


  • Amazing features
  • RPG style game with your favorite heroes.
  • The graphics seem to be alluring.
  • Get yourself Lords Mobile mod apk unlimited gems download.


  • Repeated chores
  • The tutorial might seem quite boring.

App Permissions for Lords Mobile APK Latest Version

When you are installing this apk on your device just like any other apk, the app will ask you for some permissions in order to work well on your device. Lords Mobile apk 2018 will ask you for the following permissions-

  • Access to Vibrator
  • Access information about Networks
  • Access information about WiFi
  • Write to external storage
  • Prevent the screen from dimming or the processor from sleeping.
  • Open Network Sockets.

Final Words

So that was it all about Lords Mobile Mod Apk 2018 latest version. I assume this article helped you in downloading Lords mobile apk on your phone. If you are stuck at any of the steps, feel free to let us know.

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