How to Make Kodi Full Screen in Under [10 Seconds]

If you’re looking for a way to turn your Kodi window into full-screen mode, then stick around because this article is for you my friends!

We have covered everything that we know about the topic. However, if you feel like anything is missing in the article don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below. We’ll update the content if we genuinely feel the need to add it.

Why We Need Kodi Full Screen?

Well, the answer is simple. As you might already know Kodi is an online video streaming app where you can watch all your favourite TV shows and movies everything for free. Now if I ask you how would you like to watch the movie. Would it be on a big screen or a small screen?

Of course, on a big screen and that is why you need Kodi in full screen while watching your favourite TV shows and movies. A majority of Kodi users face this issue of not having full screen enabled, and they all compromise as they don’t know that any such feature exists.

We got quite a few requests from our loyal Kodi readers who asked us on a detailed article on how to do full screen in Kodi, and here we are serving you the article you asked for.

So, without wasting any further time let’s dive right into the methods!

How to Make Full Screen on Kodi?

Check out all the methods listed below and see which one works for you!

Method 1: Tweak In-built Kodi Settings

Step 1: First step is to click on the Settings menu on the top left corner on your Kodi home screen.

Step 2: Next up, select on the “System Settings” from all the available options.

select system settings

Step 3: Now from the left navigation menu click on “Display” and from the right side of the screen click on “Display mode.”

kodi display mode settings

Step 4: From there, set it to “Full screen.” Instantly, your Kodi screen will convert into a full screen mode.

Method 2: Use Keyboard Shortcut

This is the simplest method among all the listed ones. You need to use a keyboard shortcut to make Kodi go full screen.

All you need to do is first open up the Kodi home screen and hold ALT from the bottom left of the keyboard + press Enter. Immediately, this will make your Kodi app go full screen hiding the button and taskbar completely.

Method 3: Switch Windows With A Keyboard Shortcut

Many a times we want multiple windows in full-screen mode, and that is when this method comes in handy. So let’s say for example you have windows one open in full-screen mode and now you want to go to window two that too in full-screen mode.

For that to happen, you first need to hold on ALT located in the bottom left of your keyboard and now hit TAB.


Don’t leave ALT just yet. When you press TAB, you’ll see all the screens that are currently open select the one with the arrow keys and leave the ALT key to open the window in full-screen Kodi. For opening the third windows in Kodi full screen repeat the whole process.

Final Words:

Those were three practical methods to open full screen on the Kodi app within seconds. The keyboard shortcut method is very handy. However, for some reason, if it doesn’t work out for you, then you can use the first method which is changing the settings through display mode.

The last listed method is for all those who are managing multiple screens and want to open it on a full window in Kodi.

I hope you learned something new after reading this article and if you did, don’t forget to leave a comment down below and let us know.

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