How to Install Exodus 8.0 Kodi Addon in 1 Mins 20 Secs? [New Update]

If you’re looking for a tutorial that shows you how to install Exodus add-on on Kodi 17.6 Krypton, this is the guide for you. In this article, I have covered everything that lies under third-party addon, Exodus.

Exodus is a great add-on due to its wide range of available genres like Adventure, Action, Comedy, Romance, History, Horror, Sports, Biography, Animation, Mystery and many more. You name it, and it’s available on Exodus.

Let’s see a little history of the Exodus add-on first.

What is Kodi Exodus?

Exodus on Kodi is a third-party add-on that streams movies and TV shows for you. Currently, as of 2019, Exodus is one of the best Kodi add-ons available. It has the most intuitive and easy to understand user interface.

Being one of the most famous add-ons in the Kodi era, many other add-ons have tried copying the style of Exodus, but no one came close. There are several good alternatives to Exodus Kodi addon, but still, it is considered the best.

With the new version of it known as the Exodus Redux, the add-on is even getting better with more new content updated on it. So, if you’re looking for a way to download and install Kodi Exodus add-on this is the ultimate guide for you. We have added detailed steps with pictures included so that you understand each and everything.

Exodus Addon Installation Guide on Kodi 17.6

Before you can install Exodus Kodi add-on, you first need to install Kodil Repo because Exodus is offered by Kodil Repo developers.

Also, if you’re installing any third-party add-on on Kodi for the first time, you need to enable Unknown Sources for you to able to download unofficial add-ons like this one. To do that, go to Settings -> System Settings -> Add-ons -> Apps from Unknown Sources and enable it.

Let’s see the entire process step-by-step with all the details.

1): The first step is to launch the Kodi app on your PC.

Kodi Homescreen settings

2): On the top left corner of the screen click on the Settings gear icon.

settings gear icon kodi

3): Now from all the options shown go to the last one which is “File Manager.”

kodi file manager

4): Next up select the last option which is “Add Source.” kodi add source

5): Replace “None” with “” and type in any name for the addon. We are taking Lazykodi to understand it better in the future. Finally, click on the “OK” button.

install from lazykodi

6): Once done, go back to the Kodi home screen. Now, from the left navigation menu click on Addons and in that click on “Package Installer” located at the top-left corner.

package installer in kodi

7): From all the options select the last one that says “Install from Zip file” and after that click on Lazykodi (or whatever name you’ve given).

install from the zip

8): Next, click on “-=ZIPS=-” to install Kodi Bae repository for Exodus.


9): Select and click on “”

kodi bae repository

10): Hold on for a moment until you get a pop from the top right “Kodi-Bae Add-on successfully installed.”

kodi bae installed successfully

11): Now, from all the available options click on “Install from repository” and choose “Kodi Bae Repository.”

install kodil repo

WARNING: Recently, many users are facing Indigo repository error while installing Kodi Exodus 8.0. For that reason, we are installing TVAddons repository to avoid the Indigo repository error.

12): In the Kodi Bae Repository open “Add-on Repository.”

add-on repository

13): Select “TVADDONS.CO Add-on Repository.”

TVAddons installation

14): In that, click on “Install.”

install TV Addons on Exodus

15): Finally, go back to your Kodi Bae Repository and click on “Video add-ons” folder.

video add-ons

16): Here, you’ll see a whole bunch of Kodi add-ons from that search for Exodus. [The version should be 8.0.0]

exodus kodi add-on installation

17): Last step is to click on “Install” to complete the Kodi Exodus add-on installation process.

final kodi exodus 8.0.0 installation

18): Allow the Exodus Kodi addon to download and install from Kodi Bae Repository. Once done, you’ll get a notification “Exodus Add-on installed.”

kodi addon successfully installed

Now it’s time to enjoy all your favourite TV shows and movies on the Exodus Add-on for Kodi. But before you do that we recommend you to connect with a VPN service like ExpressVPN as Kodi addons content is copyrighted and you might fall into any trouble.

How to Update Exodus Kodi Add-on?

If the current version of the installed Kodi Exodus add-on is outdated, this section of the article will show you how to update it to the latest version.

1): First off, go to the Kodi home screen and from the left navigation menu click on “Add-ons.” From that go to “Video Add-ons” and select Exodus add-on and right-click on it and select “Information.”


2): Next up, select the “Update” option to update your Kodi exodus add-on.

how to update exodus

Within a few minutes, you’ll have the latest version of the addon installed. Currently, the latest version is 8.0.0. You can check it once in every 2-3 months for the latest updates.

How to Use Exodus Kodi Addon The Right Way?

Well, once you’ve successfully installed the add-on your PC, it’s time to use it. For that first go the homepage of Kodi and select “Addons” from the left navigation bar. Now go to “Video add-ons” in and select “Exodus.”

Only click it once, and you’ll have a list of options to explore like New episodes, New movies, Channels, Movies, Episodes, etc. Click on any of the options and start watching your favourite channels.

Also, if you’re looking for a step-by-step way to download movies in Exodus Kodi add-on here’s our great guide on it.

Why Am I Getting “Exodus Not Working Error?”

So after installing the add-on if at all you’re seeing a no stream available error you possibly are using an outdated method to install the add-on.

The method we have shown in the article using the Kodi Bae repository will not land you any such error. However, if you’re using the old TVAddons method, there are high chances for this error to show up.

To get rid of it make sure you uninstall the add-on and follow the method mentioned above. Once done, see if the issue still prevails.

How to Uninstall Exodus Add-on Kodi?

Exodus is one of the best Kodi add-ons available in the market right now, and with the latest Kodi Bae repo update, it’s only getting better and better. However, for any reason, if you still want to uninstall it here’s a step-by-step process to do so:

1): On your Kodi homepage go to “Addons.”

2): From there go to “Video Add-ons” and select “Exodus.”

3): From the available options click on “Uninstall” and you’re done!

Exodus Add-ons FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

There are several sets of questions which most of the users have while installing the add-on to their Kodi app, and we thought of covering them in this article so that you don’t have to any such problems.

Q1) Is using Exodus legit?

Exodus host both public domain movies and some copyrighted content on their platform. And also it depends on the country whether they consider it under violation or not. However, public domain movies are free for everyone so if you’re watching those you’re completely safe.

On the flip side, there are a few copyright movie content also present on Exodus so in that case there might be a copyright infringement violation and your IP address might get traced. For that matter, we recommend always using a VPN service like ExpressVPN while accessing Kodi Add-ons.

Q2) Is VPN Compulsory while using Exodus?

Well, not necessarily but if you want to be on a safer side, it’s always a good idea to browse the internet anonymously as you never know what can go wrong.

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Q3) I don’t like Exodus. What are the best Exodus Alternatives?

If for any reason you hate exodus there are several other add-ons similar to exodus which you might want to check out.

Q4) Why is Exodus Running Slow?

If you’re on the latest version which is 8.0.0 you might not face any slowdown issue. Nevertheless, if you’re still facing the issue, you need to check your ISP connection or the Internet speed.

Use a VPN service to remove the ISP throttle and enjoy full speed internet while using Kodi.

Q5) Why Exodus Add-on Won’t Install?

If you’ve used the method that is shown by us probably, you won’t see the issue as we have listed the new method that is installing Exodus through Kodi Bae repository. However, if you’re trying to install it via the old TVAddon method you might face the addon exodus won’t install error.

Final Words:

That was all that you need to know about the Exodus Kodi add-on. If you still have any doubts or questions in mind feel free to leave your questions in the comments down below and let us know.

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