Icdrama Kodi Addon Download and Install On Kodi Krypton 17.3 [LATEST]

Kodi has numerous great add-ons to make your movie viewing experience exceptional. One such Kodi addon is Icdrama. So, if you’re looking for a complete step-by-step tutorial to download, install and run Icdrama Kodi add-on in your Kodi Krypton 17.3 then stick around till the end because this article will help you figure that out in under 2 minutes.

Let’s not waste time and dive right into it!

Features of Icdrama Kodi Add-on in Krypton 17.3

Before understanding how to install and download the Icdrama add-on for Kodi let’s first explore all its features.

  • An extensive collection of best movies and drama shows.
  • High-quality videos so you won’t regret while watching your favourite TV show or drama.
  • A super simple, clean, and easy to use user interface (UI)

2 Working Methods to Download Icdrama Kodi Addon

Below are two step-by-step methods for you to install the Icdrama add-on in the Kodi app.

Method 1: Install Icdrama Addon Using Kodi File Manager

1). The first step as you might already know is to open up the Kodi app on your PC.

2). Now, from the top right corner of the screen click on the Settings gear icon.

settings gear icon kodi

3). A new screen will show up in that search for “File Manager” and click on it.

kodi file manager

4). In that select the last option which is “Add Source” click on that.

kodi add source

5). Click on <None> and insert this exact URL in there: https://cthlo.github.io/cthlo-kodi-repo after that hit the OK button.

kodi addsource installtion

6). Now down at the media file source enter a suitable name that you can remember for this add-on. For this example, we’ll take “cthlo-kodi-repo” and hit the OK button.

7). Now come back to the home screen of the Kodi app and click on “Add-ons” from the left nav menu.


8). On the top-right corner click on the “Package Installer” option.

package installer in kodi

9). From the available options click on “Install from zip file” and after that click on Icdrama or whatever name you have given to your add-on in the media file name section.

install from the zip

10). Now select the folder which you just named in the media title which is “cthlo-kodi-repo.

choosing the actual file of Icdrama

11). Choose the “./zips” folder.

zips file

12). As soon as you’ve done that, a massive list of plugins will show up on a new screen from that select the last option that is “plugin.video.icdrama-1.2.6.zip” which is currently the latest version of the add-on.

plugin of Icdrama add-on

plugin of Icdrama add-on

13). Now, allow it some time to install and wait until you get a message like this “Icdrama Add-on Installed.”

icdrama add-on successfully installed

icdrama add-on successfully installed

And that is it. You’re now all set to watch the latest movies and drama shows available in the Kodi Icdrama add-on.

Method 2: Install Icdrama Kodi Add-on Directly

If you don’t want to do a long process which I just showcased in method number 1, then you can also directly install icdrama addon for Kodi. This following method will show you how.

1). The first step when you want to directly install the add-on is to download the Icdrama file.

2). Now, as usual, open up the Kodi app on your PC or Firestick.

3). From the left menu go the “Add-ons” options and select it.


4). On the top-right corner click on the “Package Installer” option.

package installer in kodi

5). Now click on “Install from Zip file” from the available options and select the Repository where you’ve to download the add-on file.

install from the zip

6). Select the latest version of the add-on which is “plugin.video.icdrama-1.2.6.zip” and click on OK.

plugin of Icdrama add-on

plugin of Icdrama add-on

7). At last wait for some time and allow the add-on to install completely. Finally, you’ll get a message at the top-right corner of the screen “Icdrama addon installed.”

icdrama add-on successfully installed

icdrama add-on successfully installed

Well, that was a quick way on how one can download and install icdrama Kodi add-on directly.

How to Fix Icdrama Kodi Not Working Error?

After the complete installation process, many Kodi users face the Icdrama Kodi not working error, and there might be several reasons for it to show up.

First is the add-on version you installed is not the latest one, and you might have by mistake installed the outdated version. Secondly, if you’re getting the “Failed to Resolve URL” error in that case, unfortunately, you cannot do anything other than hoping that the developer fixes the issue asap.

We recommend you to always keep automatic updates on so anytime the add-on gets new updates you’ll have it updated, and you won’t face any such errors in the future.

Final Words on Kodi Addon Icdrama

We expect that this article helped you with what you came for on our website at first place. If you’re looking for more Kodi tips check other articles on our website. And, if you have any suggestions for us, please do leave a comment down below and let us know.

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