How To Set Up A Tent In The Sand?

Camping is a fun and adventurous activity that is normally done to have a good family vacation or building up relations. Camping, as said before is really an adventurous outdoor activity. Camping is done in places like mountain sides, hill stations, Sand dunes, Snowy places and spring season. Camping allows learning more about nature and its traits. The main problem in having a camp is building a tent. Building a tent is not an easy task. Normally, students learn to build tents in their camping sessions. Many students’ nowadays are not aware of camping and tents. I didn’t even see a tent until now. Let’s see more about tents that are being used for camping. Shall we?

Types of Tents

A tent is an important thing to be in a camping kit when you are going for a camp or celebrating a festival outdoors for the first time. Buying a tent should meet the to do points like the number of times one can camp, The number of people and the age criterion for camping, The place where the camp is being held and lots more. Let’s see the types of tents that are available for camping.

  • Pop-Up Tent

The popularity of this tent is huge these days. This tent pops up without construction making camping easy for people like me. These tents are lightweight, easy to carry and are less time consuming to let it pop out to be a tent.

They are expensive and the footprint is small at this point is both advantageous and disadvantageous. They are not suitable for harsh weather camping and they break very easily.

  • Dome Tent

Dome tents are popular for decades now. They are called so because of their dome-shaped roof that is to be balanced on three to four poles that arch together to form a semicircle at the top. They can withstand a fair amount of wind and are not so suitable for harsh weather conditions.

They are easy to set up and easy to carry. They are light weighted and require three to four poles to build a tent. These are the versatile, Cheap and widely available tents in the market. Because of large living space, This tent suits for family camping.

  • Tunnel Tent

Tunnel tents are used in camping to attain some private and extra space. They provide good headroom when compared with dome tents. These tents provide a tunnel effect at the entrance and provide plenty of space. They are relatively strong and are more used for summer camping. If the pitching space is limited, having this tent might be a problem but the headroom is ample. This might get difficult to reposition the tent if it collapses due to sudden weather change.

  • Ridge Tent

This tent is easily recognizable and being treated as a retro tent due to its less used these days. This is the sturdiest tent among the ones that we discussed. The best thing about these tents is the size options that are many in selecting these types of tents. These tents are durable and stay for a long time. They withstand harsh weather conditions.

As the walls are slanted, the headroom and space in the tent will be limited. The package of the tent is tough to bind and carry around. They are less available these days.

These are the few tents that are available for camping outdoors.

How to set a tent in Sand?

  • Setting a tent using tent stakes is not an easy task. Tent setting requires rope work and setting poles according to the nature of the ground at the pitch site. Let’s learn the steps involved in setting a tent while camping in the desert, i.e, Sand.
  • Sand can sink and get loose at any time. Setting up a tent depends on driving stakes deeper to hold up the tent. After driving stakes into the sand, pitching ground, We normally tie our tent ropes to these stakes to erect the tent.
  • Before driving a stake at a place, Dig the sand out to form a hole, Fill that hole with all the trash or plastic bags and drive the stake after filling the dugout hole with this trash. This prevents collapsing of the tent due to quicksand. If you want a stronger tent, Place bags of sand at the ends of the tent, these bags weight the tent down. This process is called Sandbagging.
  • To have a clean tent, one follows the rule” No Shoes in Tent”. This rule must be applied in sand camping too. Otherwise, the tent will be a sandbag.
  • During sand camping, small zippers with rubbing alcohol, cotton swab, and a rag are a must. Because these zippers can be used as first aid kits or a sandy bag weight to hold up the tent strong.

These are the few steps and instructions that are followed while sand camping.


This article discusses the importance of camping and the types of tents that are normally used for camping. This article also gives steps and instructions that are to be followed during setting a tent in the sand.

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