How to Restore Samsung Device with Smart Switch

If you have a rooted Samsung device and for any reason, you want to recover the stock mode back, this article is you.

Hey guys in this article I’ll show you how to recover Samsung device using smart switch emergency recovery. With this method, you can unbrick your phone and get it back to normal in a few simple steps.

The tools make it easy to flash your device, and you don’t even need any programming knowledge for this. To follow the method all you need is the smart switch recovery software and a good Internet connection.

You can also perform the same operation with the Odin software. However, this method is comparatively easier and much faster.

Let’s begin and see how it works.

Before we dive deep into the method here are some prerequisites you need to keep in mind.

In What Scenario You Should Use This Method?

If you want to unbrick, unroot or restore your device back to normal, this method will help. It will completely wipe off all the data from your phone and reinstall the Android operating system. The phone will be similar to what you got while you purchased it brand new.

What All You Will Need?

For this method to work, you’ll need a good internet connection, a USB cable and the Samsung Smart Recovery software which you can download from here.

Now that have all the things that it takes it’s time to jump right into the method.

How To Restore Samsung Device Using Smart Switch Recovery Code?

Step 1: Power off your Samsung device and hold the Vol down + power button simultaneously to enter to enter Download mode.

Step 2: Once you see the logo on the screen leave the buttons. A warning will pop up on the screen click the Vol Up button to continue. But before that use the Home button to get the IMEI & Serial number of the device because you will need it later.

NOTE: If you use the Vol Down button it will cancel the process, and the phone will restart.

Step 3: In any case, if you forgot to note down the IMEI number don’t worry you can still get it from the back sticker present on your device.

Step 4: Once you are done noting down both the number again click on the Home button and you’ll be taken back to the Download mode. In here, you’ll see an arrow pointing downward in the box. On top of the screen, you’ll see your Samsung device model number. Note it down somewhere because you will have to use it later.

Step 5: Now the next step is to download the Samsung Smart Switch software and install it on your computer. The installation process is pretty straightforward all you need to do is follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 6: Once the software is installed, run the software and go to More and select Emergency software and initialization. Next up, click on the device initialization tab.

smart switch screen

NOTE: Be aware that all your data will be wiped off completely, so it’s always recommended to take the backup and upload it on Google Drive.

Step 7: Here you need to enter your phone’s model number and the serial number which you noted earlier. Hit the OK button once you add both the details. At last, you’ll receive a confirmation message that new software will install on your Samsung device confirm that option.

WARNING: The software that will download is large in size and will demand some time to download. So keep a little patience. However, if you have a faster internet connection, you wouldn’t need to wait for very long.

Step 8: Once the software is downloaded you’ll see a popup in your computer telling you to keep your phone in the Download mode which we already did while noting down the IMEI and serial number. All you need to do is attach your phone with the USB device to continue the process further.

NOTE: After you connect the phone with a computer that gray OK button will now turn into blue. Once you hit the OK button, the software will start to download in your phone. It’s a 2GB software, so yes it will take some time.

Step 8: To know the status of the download you can check the download percentage on the computer screen. Once the download is complete your phone will automatically start the flashing process you don’t need to do anything.

NOTE: You can detach the USB cable once the software is downloaded and you get a notification from the computer to detach it.

Step 9: Finally, allow some time for the entire flash process to occur. Also, your first boot up will take more time than usual so don’t get panic. Once the phone boots up it will be like a new purchased from straight from the store.

Few Things To Keep In Mind While Flashing The Device

Here are key things to keep in mind when you decide to flash your device.

  • Your device should have 80% or more charging.
  • Never disconnect the USB cable in between.
  • It will take time so don’t get annoyed.
  • Never try to interrupt the flashing process when it’s working.
  • Take help from a friend if you’re not confident while flashing the device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What all devices can I root?

Well, you can only root Samsung devices with this software. All the latest devices like the Samsung Note and Galaxy series can be flashed with this process.

2) How long will the entire process take to complete?

It depends on the Internet speed at which you’re operating. If you have a good internet speed, it will take anywhere between an hour or two. However, for slower Internet connection it might even take 5-6 hours.

3) Are there any serious risks?

Android rooting and flashing is always risky, so please take your own decision before using this method.

4) What about my phone data?

Be aware all your data will be completely wiped off once you start the process. It’s highly recommended to take the backup of all your important files on the drive or hard disk.

Final Words:

So that was the entire method on how to flash a Samsung device firmware using smart switch software. If you have any doubts about the technique drop a comment below. Also, if you had a successful flashing experience don’t forget to let us know in the comments.

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