How to Fix Gmail Server Error 007: [4 Working Methods]

Gmail is the most widely used mailing platform all across the globe. The reason being its simplicity and ease of usage, which we all are quite aware of. But as every beautiful thing consists of some flaws, same is the case with Gmail. One of the most common of those is the Gmail Error 007.

What is Gmail Error 007?

Gmail server’s error 007 basically brings up to you a situation where your Gmail account gets frozen. You get no choice to click or refresh the page. And consequently, you can not read or send any emails either. This can be annoying when you are waiting for  important emails.

oops server gmail error 007

One basic solution most of us tend to use at such times is reopening Google Chrome or restarting the device.  But even then if the issue isn’t resolved, then it is time you take an active action on it. In this article today, we have come up with the various methods through which you can fix Gmail error 007.

How to Fix Gmail Error 007?

Check out the working methods to get rid of the error.

Method 1:- Clear Cache and Cookies from Browser

Although clearing cookies and cache seems to be a basic job, but let me tell you, most of your problems could be solved only by clearing cache and cookies. Here’s a simple guide for you:

Step 1:– In the Chrome browser, click the three dots and go to the Menu.

Step 2:- In Settings, go to the bottom and go to Show Advanced Settings.

Step 3:– Below the Privacy heading, click on the Content Settings.

Step 4:- In the Cookies option, click on All Cookies and Site Data.

Step 5:– Finally, choose the option of Remove All and click on Done.

Generally, after clearing the cookies and cache, the problem will not persist. But if the above method didn’t work for you and you are still facing the Gmail server error code 007, then try on the next method.

Method 2:- Disable the Extensions of Browser

When you install some extensions on your Browser (for e.g., Grammarly, Keyword Everywhere, etc), there might be chances that you come across error 007 in gmail. In case you have not installed any new extension, the previous one(s) might be causing troubles because of update reasons.

The best way to deal with this, in such cases, is to disable the extensions installed on your browser. To disable these extensions, all you have to do is follow the given steps:-

Step 1:- Open Chrome browser. There, on the top right corner of the page, click on three visible dots.

Step 2:- Now, pop up will appear. Over there, select the option of More Tools.

Step 3:- You will see the option of Extensions in this tab. Click on it.

Step 4:– In the Extensions option, uncheck the Enabled box.

This way, you will disable the extensions of your browser. Hopefully, this will solve your problem.

Method 3:- Disable Background Send in Gmail Labs

Another reason for Gmail 007 error message could be the enabled status of Background Send. This option is better disabled. For this purpose, follow the given steps:-

Step 1:- Firstly, Sign in to your Google account.

Step 2:- Next, click on a dented gear icon located at the right topmost corner of the Gmail page.

Step 3:- Go to Settings and locate Lab tab.

Step 4:- In the Lab tab, search for Background Send. Once you see it, disable it.

Method 4:- Detect Virus and Updates for Browser

You may find this quite irrelevant but at times viruses are one possible reason for Gmail error code 007. Plus they are also a threat to your computer or laptop. It is recommended that you scan your laptop or PC frequently so as to save yourselves from threat caused through it.

For this purpose, all you have to do is open the antivirus program of your PC by clicking on it. Then choose the option the complete scan of your PC.

Updates could also be one reason that your device is showing Gmail error codes. Although Google Chrome browser updates automatically, any sort of disconnection can result in such similar errors and hence checking once will be recommended.

Also, if you are using a browser that does not update by itself, then you have to enable auto-update. Go to the Browser Settings. In the Settings tab, look for the option of Check for Updates.

Final Words:

That is all to how to fix the Google Gmail error 007. I assume the above methods proved to be helpful to you. For any queries or questions, leave a comment down below.

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