Top 10 Free Beat Making Software For DJ’s & Music Producers

A music freak understands what a beat making software means and how essential it is to have one. Due to the vastness of the internet, you can get free download of beat making software over here. All of these software programs come handy and easy-to-use with some of them having guides for newbies and in general. Thus you do not have to rely on anybody but yourself to create music of your own. If you are one such music freak looking for a way to create beats for your music then here are a few options that you could use.

10 Best Free Beat Making Software for Mac & Windows OS

Let’s see the top ten softwares for Windows & Mac and find out the best one which fits in your needs.

1). MuseScore (Windows OS, Mac)


MuseScore, is the first on our list. It’s free to use software that supports both the Windows and Mac OS. The interface, features, and compatibility with Windows 7, 8, and 10 all add to its preferred use. With absolutely free service of MuseScore, even the newbies can operate this software and edit tracks and later on save them in a number of file formats like – Wav, OGG, Flac, and so on.

2). Ordrumbox (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)


Ordrumbox open-source free beat making software which is a Windows, Mac and Linux latest versions supportive system. This software comes for free and you can download it from the official website of Ordrumbox by following the link given below. You can easily create music that’s seamless and save them with ease too.

3). FL Studio (Windows OS, Mac)

FL Studio

FL Studio which is considered to be the most popular beat making software is compatible with Mac and Windows. This software is preferred more as it can be used to create, mix songs or beats in very less time with ease. This is the best software beginners could use. The tools from this software help to heighten the skills of the creator.

4). MAGIX Music Maker (Windows OS)


One of the most reliable software for beat making is the MAGIX Music Maker that allows you to create beats for music. Although you can use it for free, there are some tools that can be owned after getting the premium software only. Within a short span of time, you can create beats for your music.

There comes guidance for every purpose of the tools of this software. So even the newbies can learn through this guide and get going.

5). Drumflow (Windows OS, Mac)


Drumflow is one amazing software for you to create beats for music. This online software helps you for free and you are provided with a huge collection of sample music that could be helpful and aid as an inspiration while you are creating your own. The music can be created in lesser time and saved in many formats.

This software available for Windows, Mac is compatible with the latest versions as well. The pitch and tone of the music can also be changed with the help of tools.

6). Hydrogen (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)


If you are looking for more effective tools and options to create free beats for your music, then Hydrogen should be your option. This software that comes supportive with Mac, Windows OS and Linux is a great choice to make. With a wide range of tools, you can create unique music.

You can create as much music as you want through this file and save it in any format you prefer. The user interface is easy to understand and does not require any technical knowledge hence easy to manage even for the beginners.

7). Garageband (Mac OS)


A great music creator software Garageband is a great free beat making software for Mac. This software is specifically designed for Mac OS. But let me tell you, it is now available for Windows 10 users as well. There come a number of in-built tools to enhance the quality of music you are going to create. You can save the files in a number of formats just like the other mentioned software.

8). LMMS (Windows OS, Mac, Linux)


LMMS is an open source software that can be used to create music. It comes with user-friendly software and easy navigation and working. This software is compatible with both Mac and Windows. There are sample tracks to give you some inspiration for your music as well.

There are some presets that you could use for your own track. These presets are easy to try with one single click. There come groups of instruments that you can make use of. The files can be saved in MMP, MMPZ formats and can be exported in OGG or WAV formats.

9). Musink Lite (Windows OS)


Another software on our list of is the Musink Lite. This effortless and seamless software can be used with mere mouse clicks on music sheets. Thus giving you an experience similar to editing text documents. There comes the option to zoom in or zoom out.

The complete program can be controlled with the keyboard shortcuts. The software gives you Help Menu so as to provide a guide to the users who are new here. You can export the music you created in MID format. If you are comfortable with this software, there comes a Pro version of it as well which is premium and provides you some extra features. You can get the pro version for approximately $60 for a period of a lifetime.

10). HammerHead Rhythm Station (Windows OS)


Last but not least is the software – HammerHead Rhythm Station that is compatible with Windows OS. You can create some amazing music tunes over this software. The interface is somewhat very technical-looking thus giving you the feel of working professionally. The software provides a number of music tunes that could be used to make your piece. The file saving and exporting formats come in many options.

Wrapping Up:-

Hope you all found the article of use. In my opinion, all of them are unique and help nearly in the same way. These software programs give you a free music creator in a world where musical instruments are too expensive to buy. You could try any of these free software programs by reading the specifications of every software from the list of best free beat making software given above. Garageband could be your best option if you are a Mac user. Although other software programs too provide compatibility for Mac. The last choice is yours.

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