[FIX] Tinder Error 40303: How To Get Unbanned from Tinder?

Tinder is the most widely used dating platform on the planet. With Tinder, you can connect with unknown people via the app and plan a date or a hookup. Sites like Facebook and Instagram are social media platforms Tinder is a similar form of it but not exactly a social media platform.

Tinder takes their users suggestions and feedback very seriously unlike Facebook and Instagram and it is one the reason for you to get the Tinder error 40303. Well, if you are not able to access your Tinder account and missing all the girls that are waiting for your message this article will be a lifesaver for you.

Let’s not waste any further time and dive right into learning how to solve Tinder 40303 error.

What The Heck is Tinder Error 40303?

For all those who have no idea on what is going on with your Tinder account you first need to read this.

So basically the 40303 error that you see in the Tinder app is an indirect message to tell you that “you’re banned from using the Tinder app.”

Now, why is that?

Well, when people report your account for any reason, Tinder starts to collect their feedback and suggestions as I mentioned above. If this action happens repetitively, the app automatically bans your account.

Now the worst part is they won’t even tell you that you’re kicked out of the app at first place. As soon as you open Tinder, the app will redirect back you to the login screen giving you a “something went wrong” message.

No one knows yet why they directly tell you that you’re banned for so and so reason. However, that is what it is.

Reasons You Can’t Login Due To Tinder 40303 Error

  • Using sexual or sexist language in your profile and someone reports you.
  • Using offensive photos and someone reports you.
  • Your account is banned from Tinder forever.
  • Doing weird behavior
  • Spamming other people in the network.

Now that you know everything about the error the main question now is:

How to Solve Tinder 40303 Error?

Unfortunately, there is no solution to solve this error. There’s a little workaround, through which I’ll talk about later in this article.

One way to solve this problem is to contact their support team (which has very few chances of your account getting recovered).

The only working way to get rid of this error is starting a new account with a new phone number which you never used before on Tinder.

How to Get Unbanned From Tinder?

To be honest with you guys there’s a simple workaround that might or might not work depending upon how you do it. Okay! So to get your existing Tinder account back, you need to email the Tinder support team and let them know the issue.

Keep a note that they won’t reply to your email instantly and you need to wait for at least 24 hours to check if the account is back or no. Even if they decide to reinstate your account you still won’t get any emails from the team you need to check it after a while logging back in.

If you’re a paid customer of Tinder and while writing the email if you explain the concern to them in a polite tone you have higher chances of getting the account reinstated. However, if you show anger in your email, they won’t even care to grant you a second chance.

Steps To Get Your Tinder Account Back?

Alright, there’s not much to tell here, but I thought I’d still say it for you guys to understand the whole process.

Step 1: Once you find that your Tinder account is banned due to the 40303 error you need to contact their support team.

Step 2: Follow this link and fill in the form. Write a detailed message about your account ban in the “what seems to be the problem” section.

Step 3: Finally click on submit and wait for at least 24 hours before you finally decide to create a new account.

NOTE: You need to check the account manually as Tinder team wouldn’t reply to your request.

Some Frequently Asked Questions on the Tinder 40303 Error

A lot of users whose account got banned from Tinder are having a similar set of questions and that is why we decided to cover all of it at one place.

Q1) Is there a fix for the Tinder Error?

Well, there’s no sure shot method to fix the 40303 Tinder error. However, one solution which you can use is by contacting their support team and address the issue. They might or might not activate your account there is no surety for it.

Final Words:

That was it on how to get your Tinder account back if you’re facing the 40303 error. The best advice I’d give to you is trying to be as minimal as possible on the platform don’t be an attraction for people to report you. The more people will report you the higher are your chances of getting permanently banned from the network.

Be safe and happy dating on Tinder. If you liked what you read consider sharing this article with all your friends who also use Tinder to find a new partner. 🙂

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