[FIX] http://olpair.com/pair & openload.co/pair Error on Kodi 17.6

Are you struggling with the http://olpair.com/pair error while trying to use third-party Kodi add-ons? Well, if you answered yes, then don’t worry because in this article I’ll show you how you can get rid of the error forever in under 10 minutes.

Many of the Kodi users recently reported us that they are frequently getting the vshare.eu/pair, openload.co/pair and vidup.me/pair error while they are trying to access the latest movies and TV shows via third-party add-ons like Exodus and others. That’s when I decided to write this post for you guys.

But before we begin let’s have a brief overview of what this error is all about.

What are https://olpair.com/pair and openload.co/pair errors?

If I be honest with you guys, Olpair pairing isn’t any error. In fact, it’s a process to serve all the Kodi users with the best streaming service possible.

Openload, Vshare, Vidup, and other famous streaming service offer premium and top-notch streaming content which includes the latest movies, TV shows and documentaries all for free.

Now due to this, they get a lot of unnecessary requests from bot and automated scripts to hack their servers and take control over it. And to prevent this issue, they created a gate or wall to only give their premium content to actual humans and not bots.

So, the https://openload.co/pair error that you get always is a wall or gate to verify that you are a human trying to access their servers. Once you bypass the gate, you get access to all their content. But most of the Kodi users don’t know how to do that, and that is why we have come up with this article for you.

This is a tutorial type post where I have added all the necessary pictures to make things easier for you. So are you ready to get rid of this error forever? Let’s make it happen.

2 Working Methods To Fix http://openload.co/pair Stream Authorization Error On Kodi 17.6

Let’s dive right into the methods to solve the http://openload.co/pair error or https://olpair.com error.

If you don’t have the time to read through each line of the article you can also watch this hands on video tutorial to solve the error. 

Method 1: Pair With the IP Address [Temporary Method]

Before I show you the steps to fix olpair kodi issue. I want to tell you that this isn’t a permanent solution to the problem.

You can get rid of the error for 4 hours by pairing the IP address with olpair or openload servers. Let’s see how step-by-step.

Step 1: Connect to VPN Service

Well, if you use Kodi for a while now, you might know that the third-party add-ons hosts copyrighted content on the platform and chances are you might get in trouble if anything goes wrong. So to be on a safer side, it’s good to connect to a VPN service to surf the Internet anonymously.

We use and recommend ExpressVPN as they are the best and fastest VPN providers for Kodi and Firestick to hide your public IP address.

Connect to ExpressVPN or any other VPN providers of your liking and change your device location before you move on to the next step.

Step 2: Open a Browser and Connect with openload.co/pair

So to solve the error, we first need to open up the website, and for that, we need a browser to browse through the website. I personally am a big fan of Google Chrome web browser, so I’ll use that. You can use any other browsers like Firefox, Opera or Safari on Mac. Lastly, open up the browser and type in openload.co/pair URL in the search bar and hit Enter.


Step 3: Open up openload.co/pair or openload.co/pair error

Finally, when in the above step you hit Enter the website will open up, and it will show up your IP address which is provided by your VPN service and few other options which we’ll talk about in the next steps.

olpair.com/pair website

Step 4: Click on “I’m not a robot” Box

After the website is open, you need to fill in the captcha to prove that you aren’t a bot or running several scripts to trick the website. As you’ll fill the captcha, you prove that you’re an actual human being using the website.

not a robot

NOTE: This step is taken because they don’t want their website to be spammed by bots and automated scripts and it’s 100% safe.

Step 5: Click on The Pair Button

After you’re done with the verification of captcha, it’s finally time to pair your IP address, and for that, you need to click on the blue button that says “Pair.”

pairing IP Address

Step 6: Close The Browser

BOOM! You’ve paired the IP address with http://openload.co and http://olpair.com servers. You’ll see a message at the top which says “Pairing Successful.” Now you can close the browser and enjoy watching movies and TV shows on your Kodi app.

NOTE: This method will only work for the next 4 hours. After that, you need to repeat the entire process, and it will start working again for 4 hours.

Method 2: Disabling Hostors With Captcha [Permanent Method]

The second method we have for you to solve the olpair.com error permanently is disabling hosters with captcha in your Kodi app and then connect with the servers.

Sounds confusing? How about a step-by-step procedure with images?

Step 1: Open Up Any Add-on

I love Exodus and Genesis add-on, and for this example, I’ll take Exodus to showcase the procedure. You can take any add-on you like to fix openload.co/pair stream authorization error.

To go to the add-ons in the left navigation menu click on “Add-ons” option. Next, in that click on “Video add-ons” and finally select any installed add-ons. In our case it’s Exodus.

disable hosters with captcha

Step 2: Click on Tools

Now when you click on Exodus add-on, a new list of options will pop up. In that, search for “Tools” and click on it.

go to tools

Now, not all the add-ons will have the tools option in it. In that case, you need to select the standard and most famous Kodi add-ons like Covenant, Exodus, Nemesis or The Magic Dragon.

Step 3: Select SETTINGS: Provider

After you click on “Tools” a new screen with a lot of options will pop up. In that, search for “SETTINGS: Provider” and click on it. Check out the image below.

settings provider

Step 4: Disable Hostors with Captcha

The final step is to disable hosters with captcha. Once you enter into the provider settings, go all the way down and search for it. By default, it will be set to ON turn the slider OFF and hit OK at the top right corner.

hosters with captchas

hit ok

Finally, the last step is to reload the Exodus addon, and you’re done. As soon as you reload the add-on, you won’t again see the openload.co/pair or olpair.com/pair stream authorization error again.

It’s time for you to enjoy unlimited free movies and TV shows on your Kodi app.

Wrapping Up:

Those were the two methods with which you can solve the http://openload.co/pair and http://olpair.com/pair permanently or temporarily.

The first method is all about pairing your IP address with olpair servers which will only work for 4 hours and then you need to repeat the entire process again. Wheres, the second method which is disabling hosters with captchas it’s a permanent method.

If you ask me, I’d recommend you to go with the first method to fix the olpair Kodi problem as it’s easy to do after every four hours. I hope you found this article useful and if you did don’t forget to leave a comment down below and let us know.

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