Bitcoin worth $3.3 billion found in a popcorn box

A significant amount of cryptocurrency was found in a popcorn tin during a recent US raid.

A hacker’s residence had 50,676 bitcoins valued at around $3.36 billion at the time of the find.

These bitcoins were taken by hackers from the Silk Road marketplace on the dark web.

James Zhong, 32, admitted this week to using a flaw in the website’s payment system to commit wire fraud in September 2012.

Nearly ten years later, law enforcement officers discovered stolen cryptocurrency on hard discs and USB sticks in Mr. Zhong’s residence.

It was the second-largest financial seizure in history, according to the DOJ.

According to US Attorney Damian Williams, “for nearly ten years, the location of this sizable part of missing bitcoins worth over $3.3 billion remained a mystery.”

“Law enforcement has discovered and retrieved this impressive hoard of illegal money thanks to cutting-edge bitcoin tracing and old good police work.

This instance demonstrates that no matter how cunningly hidden it may be—even down to a circuit board under a popcorn tin—we will never stop looking for money.

Mr. Zhong has voluntarily given up the extra bitcoin he acquired in 2012 via the Silk Road.

After becoming the biggest online market for illegal products and drugs in the world, Silk Road was shut down in 2013 and is no longer active.

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