10 Best Exodus Alternatives That Will [BLOW] Your Mind

Believe it or not, our generation is changing in how we consume content. Previously, it was radio and LCD TVs now it’s Netflix, Kodi, YouTube for videos and Podcasts and audiobooks for audio.

Technology is shifting and so do people. Kodi is a great way to watch and stream movies and TV shows online. However, it alone cannot fulfill all our needs and that’s when there’s a huge role of add-on that comes into the picture.

Kodi add-ons like Covenant, Exodus, The Magic Dragon and much more are small files which you need to install via a repository and later you can watch and stream content in the Kodi app.

Out of all the popular Kodi addons one such widely popular addon is Exodus which was suddenly taken down, and due to that, all the Kodi users are searching for Exodus alternatives or addons like Exodus all over the Internet. That’s when we decided to write an article that covers all the best and top replacements to Exodus so that you don’t have to compromise.

UPDATE: Exodus is back with its new version which is now known as Exodus Reduk. For more information check out how to install Exodus 8.0.0 in Kodi Krypton 17.3. Also, if you don’t know how to download movies from Exodus here’s a detailed article on that as well.

Now that you have a brief overview of Kodi add-ons let’s dive right in and check out Exodus like addons.


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Best Exodus Alternatives: Third-Party

1). The Magic Dragon

the magic dragon kodi addon

The Magic Dragon is an alternative to Exodus, and it is filled with ample of movies, TV shows, tutorials, and sports content. If you are a new Kodi user, The Magic Dragon was previously known from one famous Dogs Bullocks Add-on.

The categories are very well organized and also the user interface is simple to understand for newbies. The add-on is currently available on the supremacy repository. Lastly, the add-on is built on the latest version of Kodi 18. If you’d like to check the latest changes in Kodi 18, we have an article on that.

Finally, if you’d like to learn how to install The Magic Dragon Kodi add-on here’s our guide.

2). Nemesis

Nemesis Addon kodi

Nemesis is a third-party add-on and comes with content in almost all the categories you can imagine. From TV shows, movies, sports channels (WWE, NFL), documentaries, and adult content they have everything covered.

Moreover, they offer audiobooks which you might hardly find in any popular Kodi add-ons. Your jaw will drop once you start exploring the content in this addon. One of the most popular add-ons and an excellent Kodi Exodus replacement Nemesis is an add-on which you should definitely try out at least once. At present, the it is available for install on Kodil repository and Stream Army repository.

Do check out our full tutorial on Nemesis add-on installation.

3). Uranus

uranus kodi addon

Uranus is the add-on created by the same developer of Placenta his name is Mr Blamo. He’s a well-known man in the Kodi world so you can always trust the add-on built by him. Uranus comes with a massive collection of shows and movies. The video quality is top-notch and in majority of the cases the link will work for sure.

If you haven’t tried the Uranus addon which is a fantastic Exodus add-on alternative do give it a try because I know you’ll love it. The add-on comes under the best Kodi add-ons of 2019, and that’s because they have an updated database of movies.

So, if you want to try it out and know how to download and install here’s a guide on Uranus Kodi installation.

4). Midian

midian kodi addon

An all in one add-on Midian is an excellent alternative to Exodus. When Exodus disappeared, this add-on was the one who stayed.

We accidentally found this plugin while searching for some of the addons like Exodus and fortunately we found Midian. It’s one of the very well versed add-ons when it comes to movies and TV show freshness. They have a huge audience base and many Kodi user prefer Midian over other add-ons.

Check out our guide on how to download and install Midian Kodi add-on on Kodi Krypton 17.3. We know you’ll love it for sure.

5). Elysium

Elysium kodi

2018 was the year for Elysium Kodi add-on because it got a fantastic response from the Kodi users and they are widely popular in the Kodi world now. On trying out this add-on we loved the HD quality of all the movies & TV shows offered by them.

We couldn’t resist to add it in both our best Kodi add-ons list and here in the best Exodus alternatives list. It’s just that awesome. One thing we loved about this add-on is most of the links were functioning while checking. It passed our test and here it is in the top 10 list of add-ons like Exodus.

If you haven’t check out this add-on yet why don’t you give it a try and also it’s free. Do check out our Elysium installation tutorial for more information.

6). Genesis Reborn

Genesis Reborn kodi

Genesis is the last addons like Exodus or better in our third-party add-ons list. One of the top 3 add-ons in Kodi list which might make you think on why have we added it at last because this add-on has no particular order.

The add-on is ready to install via Jesus Box repository. Moreover, their USP is that they offer only English content like TV shows and movies, however, if you want to check out any international content that too is available with subtitles support.

Previously, due to copyright infringement, the add-on was taken down by the officials, but now it’s back with a blast and is here to stay. A must have add-on in your Kodi arsenal. Here we have a complete installation guide on Genesis Reborn if you’d like to check out.

Addons Like Exodus: Fork Add-ons

7). Neptune Rising:

Neptune Rising kodi

After Exodus suddenly disappeared that’s when Neptune Rising add-on took off. The developer of the add-on started giving frequent updates and adding more content. Neptune Rising has thousands of movies pre-loaded in over hundreds of categories.

For 4K movie lovers, they have a special section that only contains 4K HD movies. If you’ve previously used Exodus, you’ll notice that Neptune Rising is almost a replica of Exodus Kodi. However, the user interface is nice and easy to use. Moreover, the main menu is filled with a curated list of all the latest movies for you to explore.

If you’d like to learn more about the Neptune Rising Kodi add-on check out our detailed article on how to download and install Neptune Rising add-on Kodi.

8). Incursion

Incursion kodi add-on

Incursion is a great Kodi exodus replacement add-on and one of the famous ones when it comes to movies and TV shows. Again similar to Neptune Rising Incursion was launched after Exodus died.

But, if you’ll use this add-on in just 5 mins you’ll start loving it. The movies are all the latest ones and on top of that, they have a fantastic UI for which I’ll give them 10/10. The filtration of movies is powerful as well.

At the time of writing this article, the add-on is already old and has its name established. So, if you’re looking for the best exodus alternative, Incursion might be the one to opt for. Also, if you’d like to read a detailed guide on how to download and install Incursion add-on Kodi here’s our detailed article on it.

9). Covenant

Covenant kodi

If you’re using Kodi for a while now, it’s just impossible that you might haven’t heard this name. One of the top competing players of Kodi is Covenant or you can say a better add-on than Exodus.

They have a vast variety of online streaming TV shows and movies which you’ll hardly find in any other add-ons mentioned in the list. Moreover, they continuously scrape big sites to get the latest movies for you with all the working links 99% of the times.

If you haven’t yet tried out Covenant believe me you’re missing out on something big. It’s one heck of an add-on. Go ahead and give it a shot you won’t need to check out for any exodus alternate ever again.

Our detailed guide is waiting for you to help you learn the installation process of Covenant Kodi addon. Do check it out.

10). Placenta

Placenta kodi

Built by an indie developer Mr Blamo, Placenta is picking up all the hype in the market right now. Placenta is better than exodus I can say because you can request for TV shows and movies of your liking and if possible they’d add it in the list too.

Of course, movies and TV shows are covered in almost all the best Kodi add-ons. However, Placenta takes a different route while offering documentaries, cartoons, comedy shows, and fitness videos and on top of that movies and TV shows come as a bonus. Most importantly, all the content links that you see inside of the add-on are fully functional.

So, if you’d like to install Placenta here’s our tutorial on it.

Final Words:

That was our list of the top 10 Exodus alternatives. Let us know in the comments which one is your favourite and why.

Also, if you have any further questions in selecting the Kodi add-on that suits you, make sure to leave a comment down below and we’ll help you out.

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