5 Reasons to Use Gantt Chart Excel for Project Management & Other Tasks

Project scales and sizes are increasing, there was time when you could record all your tasks, allocations, budgets in your memory or at best in your notebook, but with the increasing scope relying on such elementary tools may lead to missing out or being counter productive. Come in Gantt Charts, an industry wide recognized method widely used for project management. Due to its popularity and widespread usage, many customized programs have been pushed into market. However MS Excel is still most widely used tool for representing Gantt charts due to the various benefits it brings on table:

Easy and simple to use

Microsoft Excel is easy and simple to use, there is no fact denying it. In fact, the increasing user base is a pure testimony for the same. Making a Gantt chart in Excel is fairly simple by using templates like Gantt Chart Excel. Just imagine the complexity of the problem and the simplicity in solution, which Microsoft Excel brings to it.

gantt chart excel

Collaborations are easy

MS Excel has become a part of the basic skill set, thanks to the amount of time it has been here. You hardly find a person in the industry, who says he or she has no working knowledge of excel. This makes collaboration easy, compare this with a sophisticated Gantt chart making tool, which might have a decent learning curve, excel, can be used by anyone. People can understand an excel based Gantt chart easily; people can modify it easily without scratching their heads. Consider a situation, where you have to collaborate with other partners and they do not have the same sophisticated project management tool as you, instead if one uses Gantt Chart Excel, it would be easier and simpler for them to collaborate on the same file (Otherwise, collaboration would become a nightmare, sharing screenshots and exchanging lengthy emails)

Workability with other platforms

Microsoft excel is all over the place, it has become a commodity product and everyone is using it. This has forced major system developers to develop compatibility with Microsoft excel which can be through csv, xls or any other format.

All major SAP or Project Management systems now have deeply embedded compatibility with Microsoft Excel, so the risk that your MS Excel based Gantt chart might not be compatible with a larger project management software is hardly there. In-fact, MS Excel is on its way of becoming one the most standard formats in which work is being done or reports coming out. Due to this easy of compatibility with other platforms, MS Excel is a perfect candidate to be used in Gantt charts

Simple is Best

Let’s go back in time and understand why Gantt Charts were developed, Henry Gantt developed this tool to measure, monitor and manage labor productivity. Now imagine a case, where the Gantt chart handling tool is taking so much time, that users have to started to feel that it is counter productive for them. The simplicity of Microsoft Excel keeps the principle of Gantt chart intact and does not lead to counter productivity.

Cost Effective

Having a true Gantt chart software would result in high costs, the cost ranges from a few hundred dollars an year to thousands of dollars an year. In times of cut throat competition, tight budgets, this money could be spent on better things and tools as simple, flexible, easy as Excel to make Gantt charts come in Handy. One does not need to spend an extra penny on buying MS Excel, since it has become the oxygen for businesses to survive.

In conclusion, if you need to use Gantt charts, use Gantt Chart Excel. It is a automated excel template which is super easy to use. Not only does it make your life easy, it makes collaboration easy, everyone can understand your Gantt charts, can easily work with other tools.

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