5 Best Apps to Root your Phone/ Tablet

Rooting an Android device could turn really confusing or even hazardous while with the various Rooting apps for Android, it has become for the users to root their device and flash stock ROM, customize device, boost the speed of your Android device, etc.

Since rooting with an Android rooting app is much convenient, here is a list of the 5 best apps to Root your phone or tablet. So what are we still waiting for? Let us check out the great rooting apps for Android –

1. KingRoot App

One of the most famous and popular apps used to root Android devices is the KingRoot. Who does not know KingRoot app today? It has been one of the very elegant app to rely on.

KingRoot is an Android rooting app that is absolutely free of cost and safer as well. There is no risk of any sort of malware or virus by using this app. It also removes root any time when asked. The app also enhance the support for Android 4.4 and above. It indeed is a suitable app for almost everyone.

Download KingRoot app

2. SuperSu Pro Root

SuperSU Pro Root App is a great option as Android root app without using a PC. The app provides root access prompting, notifications and logging as well. This app wakes on a prompt and works as a system app. The app enables one to choose icons for the Android root app.

One can easily access root access using this app by entering – *#*#1234*#*# using the dialer. Even if your Android device is not booted properly, this app works even if the Android device is not booted rightly.

The best part about SuperSU Pro Root app is that it has no ads and hence no interruption. This app can also be hidden easily. The app enlists a number of themes to choose from like – Light, Dark, Default, etc.

Download SuperSu Pro Root

3. SuperUser

SuperUser is another best apps to root Android phone or tablet. It is quite similar to SuperSU. Some users may not find this app as lightweight as SuperSU, but it does offer alot. There occur some CPU issues but you can seamlessly use this app to root android phone or tablet without having to rely on a PC.

This app works for free and there is no paid version. All the services are offered for free. SuperUser, just as the name, enables Multi-user compatibility. It also ensures PIN protection whenever it has encountered one or many root requests. The duration of these requests can also be set before they timeout.

There come no security issues and this app serves as a great option in case you are looking for a free Android root app. The app is updated frequently and hence is up-to-date with the current features, etc. One may not find the UI of this app much attractive but it does the job well and for free!

Download SuperUser

4. iRoot

iRoot is another best app to root Android device. With simply one or two clicks, one can achieve a rooted device. This app has its origin in China. It supports almost all the Android devices.

When you use this app, there are more chance of you relying over it. The app, however, does not offer unroot function yet.

iRoot Download

5. Rootgenius

RootGenius, as the name suggests is surely a genius in rooting. This app is quite similar to iRoot as well. The latest software for Android has surely boosted the speed. This app has a compatibility of over 10,000 Android devices. Best part being, this app is absolutely free to use.

RootGenius comes as supportive to Android versions 2.2 to v6. This app allows its users to enable flash custom ROM, remove bloatware, etc. Until now this app is not featuring the Unroot facility. But it does make a best app for Android to root phone or tablet.

Download Rootgenius

Final Verdict

These were the 5 best apps to Root your phone or tablet. I hope you all have picked up the most relevant and suitable app for yourself. In case there are any more suggestions regarding the best apps for Android to root your phone or tablet.

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